Going Green With Your Printing

Many people believe that going green is an expensive process to undertake. However, there are simple ways to go green with your printing without spending a thing, in fact going green can actually save you money. This is a good way of doing your part to help the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

Recycle your paper

Next time when making a printing mistake or documents that are wanted, don't throw away the paper -this can be recycled. Simply keep the paper and use the other side of the paper to print out drafts. Once you are done with both side of the paper simply add it to your recycling bin.

Buy Recycled paper

Think of buying recycled paper next time you need to purchase paper. Did you know that to make a tonne of paper it takes three tonnes of wood? Recycled paper may not look as crisp as white, however, you are helping the environment and the aesthetic appearance is fine for draft documents. Another alternative it to only use white paper on important documents.

Go paperless

Next time you think of printing your document consider whether there are other ways to distribute your document. The other alternative, is to PDF your file and distribute your document via email, flash Drive, Drop Box account, Web Server, or CD. Consider using re-writable CD's as these can be easily recycled with new content.

Switch off your printer

Save electricity by turning off your printer. Only turn on your printer only when you need to print. This will save energy and also prevent the printer ink from heating which may clog your printer heads.

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