Saving Ink - Getting the most from your ink cartridges

The realty is that you will end up spending more money on ink cartridges than on your printer. The cost of printing can be quite expensive, however, there are few tips which can extend the life of your cartridges and save you heaps of money. Just make sure that when you do have to buy new inkjet cartridges, you visit for the best deal!

1. Make sure the printer settings are correct for the printing you are performing

There is no point printing super high quality prints at 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) for a draft black and white document. This will drain the ink in your cartridge and the money in your wallet! Make sure that when you print you use the correct quality settings on the printer to preserve as much of the inkjet cartridge as possible.

2. Format the document to save ink

If you are printing a document for yourself such as recipes, product information, personal document etc, consider doing the following to maximize you inkjet cartridge:

  • Use a smaller font size. The smaller the font the less ink that the printer will use.
  • Before printing remove all bold text
  • If you are printing from the web, remove all unnecessary images and spaces. This will save not only on ink but also paper
  • Set your printer to either “grey scale” or “draft mode”. When you need to print your final copy change the settings to a higher quality print.

3. Perform regular Prints

This might seem strange, but because printer ink cartridges are prone to drying out when they are not used, regular use will actually prolong the life of you ink cartridge. In fact, the most common problem that we see with ink cartridges is dried ink leading to clogged nozzles which then requires the printer cartridge to be replaced. To prevent the ink cartridge from drying, just use your printer once a week and this will ensure that your cartridges goes the distance.

4. Save Electricity

Save electricity by turning off your printer. Only turn on your printer only when you need to print. This will saves energy and also prevent the printer ink from heating which may clog your printer heads.

Buy compatible
Some people incorrectly believe that compatible cartridges are of lesser quality than the generic brands or alternatively they produce less prints. These are all myths!

In fact high quality compatible cartridges such as Print-Rite brand produce the same quality prints as their counterparts. If you are thinking about buying compatible ink ensure that you do buy from a trusted website that offers a quality guarantee on their compatibles.

After exhaustive product testing over many years, has chosen to partner with Print-Rite Brand Alternative Cartridges as it's exclusive supplier of alternative or ‘compatible' printer cartridges. Print-Rite is the worlds largest manufacturer of alternative printer cartridges and all Print-Rite cartridges are backed by:

  • the 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; and
  • Print-Rite direct from manufacturer 100% 12 month guarantee

Cleaning Cycle
Running a cleaning cycle on a regular basis ensures that prints come out streak free. Most people change their cartridges once they see the printer producing the white streak lines believing that the cartridge has run out of ink. The white streaks are usually caused by dirty printer cartridge heads and it just needs a clean. To clean your printer heads go to your printer menu and select either “clean printer heads” or “clean printer cartridges”.

Saving printer ink