Free Returns

"We pay delivery both ways - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!"


Free returns for:

  • Lost during delivery
  • Damaged during delivery
  • Faulty or malfunctioning cartridges
Lowest Price or it's Free Promise

Lost or damaged printer cartridges guarantees to replace any printer cartridges lost or damaged during delivery. Provided that you notify us of the damage within 48 hours of the goods being delivered / or the loss within 5 business days of the anticipated delivery time, we will immediately re-deliver those goods free. Simple.

Faulty printer cartridges - free return shipping! provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our printer cartridges.

Often things that appear to be faults are in fact due to printer settings, cartridge installation, incorrect paper and other factors. has compiled a large list of common queries and how to fix them below. Please review this list prior to commencing the return process.

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Should your cartridge still appear faulty, please select the manufacturer from the list below for detailed return instructions:

Brother Returns Policy

Your Brother cartridge is covered by a comprehensive manufacturer warranty.

Should you experience any fault, the cartridge must be returned to the shipment warehouse for testing and possible replacement / credit within 60 days from purchase date.

Step 1 - Provide us with your details
In order to initiate a return, you must send us an email with the following information to

  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Invoice number
  • Copy of invoice
  • Print head cleaning progam bust been run at least 3 times (where possible for your printer)
  • Batch Number (only applicable for Print-Rite cartridges)
  • Detailed description of the fault (for example, my cartridge is not printing, some colours are missing, the cartridge is printing fuzzy lines)
  • Attach a print sample showing the fault
  • Attached a printer configuration report (this a report produced by your printing showing its various settings. Please view your manufacturer's website for instructions about how to produce this report.)
  • For Drums / Toner faults attach a meter reading of when the drum was installed and when it faulted
  • Please note: All cartridges must be returned at least 80% full in order for your return to be accepted. Unless the fault relates to the cartridge depleting early, in which case a reading of the number of prints for that cartridge will be required.

Step 2 - will arrange your return completely free!
Following assesment of your Return Request Form, will send you a Postpack together with all the information you need to return the cartridge.

Incorrect order will accept and pay for returns of printer cartridges that we have incorrectly delivered, provided the invoice shows a different cartridge to the item supplied.

As is a high volume and extremely low margin supplier, we are unable to accept return of printer cartridges that have been either incorrectly ordered or are no longer required.