If we can't beat it, it's Free Promise

"Find a cheaper price that we can't BEAT and we'll supply your item FREE - even up to 14 days AFTER your purchase!"

Cartridges.com.au is Australia's fastest growing supplier of printer and toner cartridges. Our massive buying power enables us to pass the savings on directly to you.

You can be confident that we provide rock-bottom prices because we constantly monitor our competitor's pricing to ensure we offer the best value possible.

Lowest Price or it's Free Promise

Instant Price Challenge

Simply provide the details of your challenge below and we will either BEAT that price or provide your item(s) absolutely FREE!

  • So we can give you the best deal please include ALL products, prices and quantities that you are challenging.
Give you the best deal

How does the cartridges.com.au 'If we can't beat it, it's Free Promise' work?

If you find a cheaper price on an identical ink or toner cartridge, cartridges.com.au promises to supply that cartridge free if we cannot beat the cheaper price - even up to 14 days after you have purchased!

Our lowest pricing promise includes:

  • competitors specials
  • all pricing from retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and importers
  • all online and corporate pricing
  • package deals, provided we offer an identical package offer

Cartridges.com.au reserves the right not to supply to competitors. Hands off our great pricing!


The details, no strings attached!

For a product to be covered by our 'If we can't beat it, its Free Promise', it must be:

  • an identical item stocked by cartridges.com.au, including delivery and any other charges;
  • pricing, availability and terms must be verifiable by cartridges.com.au;
  • Competitor pricing is always compared as a total price, including any delivery and any other fees;
  • available for order as a single unit for the advertised price (i.e. not a package deal), unless an identical package deal is currently being offered by cartridges.com.au;
  • subject to the same warranty and other conditions as the cartridges.com.au equivalent product (excluding our famous free 2 year extended warranty);
  • available to both the general public and cartridges.com.au;
  • advertised, available and being offered by an Australian company in Australia (but not from a private seller or auction site such as eBay - these goods are often fake and we guarantee to supply 100% authentic product);
  • in it's original unopened packaging, undamaged and unused

The cartridges.com.au Lowest Price or it's Free Promise is subject to a maximum monthly order size of 20 items per customer.


Claims up to 14 days later

If you want to take advantage of our pricing policy up to 14 days after your purchase, cartridges.com.au will honor our pricing policy by either:

  • reimbursing the full or partial cost of your item so that the purchase price is free or below that of our competitor; or
  • puchasing the item from our competitor and then supplying it to you free or at a lower price.

Found a cheaper price? Please let us know!

Found it cheaper somewhere else? We're sorry and we'd really like you to let us know so we can beat that price or provide your ink or toner cartridge free.

We will take the hassle out of the process for you, simply provide the name of our competitor, the relevant product and price, and we will take care of the rest!