We are Australia's fastest growing cartridge supplier.

We are the only business with:

  • If we can't beat it, its free promise
  • One year replacement warranty
  • Free delivery for returned items
  • A real personality - We like long walks along the beach, candle lit dinners for two and really cheap cartridges!

If we can't beat it, its free promise - even 14 days after your purchase

We're so confident of the value we provide, that if you find a cheaper price on an identical printer cartridge we promise to supply that cartridge free if we cannot beat the cheaper price - even if you find the cheaper price 14 days after your initial purchase. No strings attached.

Contact us here and provide the link with the cheaper price.

Free returns

We will also pay for the return of damaged or faulty goods. It's not you're fault, so why should you pay?

Easy ordering, fast delivery

We appreciate your time is valuable and we know you want your printer cartridges fast. So we make every effort to ensure your experience is easy and fast:

  • 96% of orders dispatched the same / next day
  • no cut off time for orders, our warehouses operate 9am - 9pm, Monday to Friday
  • previous orders are stored, making re-ordering a breeze

Real people, real help!

Just because we mainly work online, doesn't mean we're faceless! We have a fantastic local customer care team that is passionate about helping you get what you want, when you want it. Our policy is to treat you like you're our Mum (we love our Mums!). That means we will go out of our way to help you and do everything you need to make sure you're satisfied.

The widest range, in stock 99.2% of the time

99.2% of our 5,100+ lines of ink and toner cartridges are always in stock, equating to millions of dollars of stock held at any one time - cartridges.com.au always has you covered!

Business accounts - Flexible. Easy. Fast.

Account customers enjoy the following privileges:

  • 30 days interest free on all purchases
  • Free delivery for all orders over $49.00
  • Priority customer service


Commitment to our community and environment is one of the three core values of cartridges.com.au. Examples of this commitment include, active recycling of warehouse waste (you might find your order arrives in a pre-loved printer or wine box) and our policy to only deal with printer cartridge manufacturers who have an active environmental policy.

We genuinely care

At cartridges.com.au we genuinely care about our customers, our team and our community. We want you to have an enjoyable, easy and fast shopping experience that you will go out of your way to tell your colleagues, friends and family about. That's why we have a clear statement of our mission, vision and values so that our customers can hold us accountable.

Our Mission

Cartridges.com.au views our customers as the ultimate stakeholders in our business.Our mission is to create happy and loyal stakeholders by delivering an easy, fast and enjoyable shopping experience.Mission statement

Our vision

Cartridges.com.au vision is threefold:
1. Our stakeholders (customers)
To have as many happy and loyal stakeholders as possible.

2. Our Team
To maintain an environment that encourages and promotes our team to realise their full personal and career potential.

3. Our community
To ensure that our business delivers positive outcomes for our environment, the broader social community and our corporate partners.

Our values

These are the values by which cartridges.com.au and our team live by. Just ask us, we will be able to quote them off the top of our head!

"Our word is our bond" - When we say it we mean it. That means that if we commit to something, whether on the phone, in an email or on our website we will stick by it.

"No fibs or fudges" - We're not fishermen, so if we tell it was this big, it really was! Honesty is a core component in any successful relationship and our relationship with you is no different. We will tell you the truth whether it's good or bad.

"Success is a treadmill, not a race" - Successful outcomes whether for our customers, team members or suppliers is a never ending quest. Improvement at cartridges.com.au is a continuing cycle.

"Obsessive is not just a word" - cartridges.com.au is constantly searching for better ways to improve its processes, products and outcomes. We seek out and encourage input from our customers, team members and corporate partners. If there's a better way to do something, we want to implement it.