Commitment to our community and environment is one of the three core values of Our aim is it to actively deliver positive outcomes for the environment wherever possible, examples include:

Active recycling of warehouse waste

You may have noticed that the box that your ink or toner cartridges are delivered in is often a pre-loved printer box, printer cartridge manufacturer box or even a wine box! We recycle as many boxes as we can and this starts right on the floor of our warehouses.

Paperless office

As weird as it sounds, where possible we try to operate a paperless office. For this reason we don't accept orders via fax or post we send invoices electronically and all snail mail is printed on recycled paper and envelopes. Green Standard has a policy to only deal with printer cartridge manufacturers who have an active environmental policy - we call it our Green Standard. We do not and will not supply ink or toner cartridges from any manufacturer without such a policy.

Protecting the environment starts with your choice of printer

When choosing a printer a critical consideration should be the manufacturer's policy regarding the environment. To make it easy for you, we have listed a range of manufacturers below who meet or surpass our Green Standard, including links to their environmental, sustainability and recycling policies: